Friday, April 16, 2010

Proud Mama

Without much fanfare, my son and his oldest, bestest friend recently launched a photography business - J Nichols Photography. These two have been buds since first grade - through thick and thin. I can't imagine them not being successful once they put their minds to something. One is a little more "business minded" (a good thing) but both are extremely talented and creative.
I wanted to show my support by posting about their new venture and hope that some of you out there will check out the link to their Facebook site on my sidebar. They offer a wide variety of portraits, wedding and event photography and artsy stuff.

I am proud to feature them and their work. Congratulations guys! Love - Mom.


Andy's Attic said...

How exciting that they are launching a new business. The daffodil photo is exquisite! Best of luck to them,

Kissed by an Angel said...

Oooh how marvellous!! I wish them every success!!

sinnlighet said...

Hallo, Sweden here....

I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

Regards from Agneta

Christine LeFever said...

Bravo to you Martha, and of course you are proud to share their new business, because they are so good at what they do as evidenced by that flower that is so captivating.

Thank you for sharing. I will bookmark them among my favorites.


Zwee!!!!!!! (my happy alter-ego)

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