Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Great Year at Coburg

It's hard to believe that Sunday was my 9th year participating in the Coburg Antique Faire! I began in 2001 with my sister-in-law and her sister and this is what has evolved over the years.

What began as a rocky start for me on Saturday evening, smoothed out on Sunday morning. Saturday evening was very hot and muggy (or should I say buggy?). I just wasn't happy with the placement of things, so I kept moving stuff around. Making myself crazy.

Then I realized why it seemed so dark -- I had my sunglasses on and it was dusk. My regular specs were in my vehicle with my husband! That was when I decided it was time to call it quits and start fresh in the morning. Besides, I was getting no where and my husband said it was time to go or else. Smart man.
We were joined by Diane and husband Matt of Molly Mo's for dinner. We found a big-screen in the lounge so we could watch the Ducks football game in progress. We were watching the game and noticed it was raining on the field. Really raining. Then, it hit Diane and I that if it was raining on the football field, it was probably raining on our spaces at the antique faire! Oh noooooo! Diane and Matt graciously offered to go back to Coburg and make sure things were keeping dry. Thankfully, all was well.

After sort of sleeping, my hubby and I got to our space about 6 a.m. A little rest made all the difference in the world. It all seemed to come together. And the shoppers began shopping!

The hubbies were wonderful to stand in line a couple of times to bring us coffee and yummy breakfast burritos. What would we do without them? They carry and tote and move and put up with tired & grumpy (to put it mildly) wives time and time again. They are the best and our biggest supporters in so many ways. Special guys.
Then sometime mid-morning, Elf Patty came to lend a hand and get in some shopping. (Sorry, didn't get any pictures of Elf Patty. She is sneaky and avoids my camera.) This was her first experience at Coburg and was overwhelmed with how many vendors and the expanse of show. And - what a sweetie - she brought us home-baked oatmeal cookies to munch on! Patty makes the all-time, best oatmeal cookies. Yes, definitely all-time best, hands down. I would have gotten a picture of them, but they weren't around long enough. Oh, by the way, Elf Patty is the creator of the little framed sillouettes. She has the patience to cut out all those little images. I LOVE the Halloween ones. Crazy, huh? Go figure.

Over the past few years, I have made a large Halloween collage just for this show. This is the one for 2009! It was a blast to make and it went home with a happy gal that said she wants to have it out all year long. I get attached to these pieces. Kind of like sending your kid off to college for the first year. A little sad and teary to see it go. At least I didn't go out and adopt a dog (Miss Zoe) like I did when our son moved out for college! Ha! But I will be starting on another piece - a little different - for the Tarte Boutique Flea Market on September 26th in Oregon City. Check out her blog for more details.

I managed to get a few pictures of some of the spaces around me... Molly Mo's

Tarte ....

Auntie Joy!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by and made all the hard work worthwhile. It really warmed my heart to hear someone squeel and giggle while looking at the altered, vintage pictures for Halloween. One young man picked one up and started laughing. Layed it down, then started laughing again ... and again. That made my day! Hugs all around, M. PS, Next show: the Tarte Boutique Flea Market, 9/26. I'm bringing out all the Halloween,
so get your BOO on!


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

All of it looks lovely to me. I think your displays look fabulous. Was it muggy and buggy? Here in Northern Illinois it was absolutely fab!!

Funky Junk Sisters said...

OOOOOOHHHHH! Great stuff! You should consider being a vendor at our show in October!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Sammy Girl said...

Hey Miss Martha --
so sorry to have missed all the fun ... you are such an incredibly talented person .. see you soon!
B :)

Shyra said...

I attended the Coburg Antique Fair and loved your space! Such neat stuff and so creative! Will you be at Blackberry Junction?

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for all your help in showing me my "spot" at Deepwood.I almost have everything priced. yahoo.

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