Monday, August 31, 2009

Treasure Hunting

After such a great show at Molly Mo's Antique Faire, I have been in search of new pieces for upcoming events. I didn't have much success at the usual estate/garage sales - except for one that was great. So Sunday, Diane (Molly Mo's) and I hit the highway early to shop the Oregon City Antique Show.

Finally, some great stuff to fill my space at the Coburg Antique Faire on September 13th! I managed to pick up some great pieces: a little desk/hall table, a creamy, wonderful old cabinet, a flaky, white bench, and many little odds and ends to entice you.
Following the Coburg show, the Deepwood Antique Faire will be held on September 20th, and the Tarte Boutique Flea on September 26th. I will be offering my new Fall/Halloween items at Coburg and at the Tarte Flea in addition to more new found treasures. Stay tuned for more info on these upcoming events. M.


Elise said...

Well, hello - I just had to stop and leave you a note because you have such a fabulous blog. Your posts are interesting & you have wonderful pictures too. It's all perfect ! Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes ...

Barb said...

Great finds.
Can't wait till Coburg sale!!!

Right here close, so nothing should keep me away!!

Barbara Jean

A Thing for Roses said...

Hi Martha!

It was so fun seeing you at the Oregon City Antique Fair. I love what you got. How come I didn't see those cute things? I have a question for you. Did you happen to sell that metal gate you took to Diane's sale? I am looking for a cute old one for my house and that one just may be perfect if you still have it. Let me know if you do and how much, please. Thanks!



Sammy Girl said...

Hello Martha!
What great finds. Can hardly wait to get back and see you and your treasures. Found a TON of great small tables at FAB prices ... but no way to bring home :( oh, well .... I guess there's a moral lesson in there somewhere ... lol!
Take care and see you in a few days.
Hugs -- B :)

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love the little goodies!! Great finds! Tootles. Janna

Nancy said...

Hi Martha...Looks and sounds like you are going to be a busy bee for the month of September!
So glad you are having such great success...
Anxious to see your new fall creations!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy

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